Businesses thrive when they can connect with colleagues, partners and customers, using reliable and robust communications tools.  


Backed by comprehensive services, Rainbow Office is complemented with market leading phones, wired and wireless networking products and services from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s portfolio for a complete digital transformation.


Rainbow Office will enable carrier grade voice and video with 99.999% uptime. You can host a meeting with 1 click from your browser or app, check presence, start a conversation or video conversation while messaging, and you can share files or links. It is also easy to open tasks or add meetings to your calendar. Integrate your business app into Rainbow Office, to start a new way to collaborate -- your way.

Autonomous Systems



Remote Control Bomb Disposal Robot

Border Security Systems

Low-voltage Current Systems

CCTV (Video Monitoring and Recording Systems)

Fire Alarm Systems

Burglar Alarm Systems

Access Control Systems (Barrier / Turnstile Systems)

Emergency Announcement and Audio Systems

Network Solutions (Wired / Wireless)

In-Vehicle Camera Systems & Sound Recording

On-Vehicle Face Recognition Camera

Unmanned Camera Robot

CCTV for the Security of Oil Fields

Energy Systems

Solar Energy Solutions

Smart Meter Modem

On-Campus Energy Systems



Campus Scada Systems

Core and Data Center

Data Center Hardware

UPS, Generator and Energy Solutions

Data Center Infrastructures and Management

Cabling and Insfracture

Mobile Communication Systems

Backpack Type / Vehicle Type Mobile Base Station

Tactical Field Base Station (SMT Type)

Military Radio Solutions

In-Vehicle Tablet

Jammer & Anti-Drone

Mine Search Detectors

Web & Mobile Applications (Android / IOS)

Technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and Tracking Systems

Smart City Technologies

Heavy Equipment

Night Vision Binoculars

Border Security Systems

Wearable Devices

Social Distance Meter

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)

Tracking System Solutions

  • Personnel Tracking System

  • Visitor Tracking System

  • Vehicle Tracking Systems